The Customer Feedback Questions That Will Truly Help Your Company Grow

Organizations that care about their customers allocate resources to ensure that they are listening to their customers.

This is why some organizations invest in gathering great customer feedback questions. Customer satisfaction is achieved through customer feedback and feedback is necessary for the long-term success of a business.

Customer satisfaction measures how satisfied your customers are with your product. Customer feedback is when you listen to your customers. The knowledge that you gain from listening to your customers can be used to improve customer satisfaction. Improving customer satisfaction is how you create brand loyalty.

The best way to improve customer loyalty is to listen to issues that your customer may have and take action.

If you ask many successful salespeople about what makes them successful, one of the likely answers will be their ability to hear the customer.

How To Come Up With The Best Customer Feedback Questions

So what questions are you going to ask your customers? Finding the right questions that will have the most positive impact to your organization is important.

When implemented correctly, customer feedback questions can be the doorway to improved products, customer satisfaction, customer experience, retention, business decisions, and identifying advocates.

There are five steps that you can use to create the best possible customer feedback questions. We will discuss these steps here.

What is the title and purpose of the questionnaire?

Your survey title should be clear and indicate the purpose of the survey. It should also be penalized to the individual. For example “Hi John” sounds better than “Dear Customer”.

Make sure that you are hand-selecting candidates for your customer feedback questionnaire.

For example, if you emailed a questionnaire to the general email address of XYZ Company, the wrong person might answer the questions. However, if you email it directly to the person that you deal with regularly from the company, you are getting feedback from the right person.

What questions do you want to ask?

Every question has to serve a purpose. Determine the questions that will give you actionable data and help you learn more about your customers the most.

You don’t want to waste the time of your customers by asking them to answer questions that won’t necessarily help you serve them better.

Decide on the preselected answers to your questions

You may offer preselected answers that your customers can choose from. Preselected answers are good because it will make it easier for your customer to respond to your feedback questionnaire.
You also need to add a spot that allows your customer to write his or her own answer. This is a good way to ensure that you are not missing any information. Information that may assist you in serving your customers better.

Create a feedback “thank you” page

Adding a customer feedback thank you page is an opportunity to show your customers that you really care about their feedback.

This also gives you an opportunity to tell them what you plan to do with their feedback.

A good thank you page should start with a “Thank You” and end with why and what you plan to do with the collected information.

Track and measure feedback

Keep track of where feedback is coming from.  You may want to measure feedback on a quarterly or yearly basis.

The best way to do this is to send out your customer feedback questionnaire every quarter or yearly.

Ask the right questions when obtaining customer feedback
For example, if a customer gave you five stars last quarter but this quarter they gave you three stars, you need to find out why. By measuring feedback in this manner, you can also measure the satisfaction level of your customers.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and programmer.

Customer Feedback Questions That You Can Use

Here are some examples of proven customer feedback questions that you may use for your questionnaire.

Why did you decide to buy from us or hire us?

This gives you an opportunity to dive into your customer’s mind and grab some valuable marketing details.

It is important that you understand how clear, concise, and good your messaging really is. What is making your customer buy? Is it your people, your website content or products.

What is one thing that we can do to create a better experience for you?

You can show your customer that you care about their business by asking this question. This is an innovation and customer service improvement question.

Can your customer identify an innovation that you may not have thought of? Sometimes the best ideas for innovation will come from the people that use your products or services.

What specific products or services pleased you the most?

This is an opportunity to identify your most pleasing product or service.

Whatever your marketing department is working on, what should they be focusing on instead? You can get the answer to the proposed question from your customer.

What would you like to see us add to our inventory?

As a company, you should continuously look for ways to innovate and diversify your products or services inventory. This question is a good baseline for introducing new inventory.

How can we make things easier?

This will let you know how easy your customers feel it is to do business with you. Identify processes and behaviors that can be improved.

Some examples are, making the online checkout process easier, keeping line-ups at a minimum, modifying processes to be simple, and more.

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family member?

When your customers like you, they will talk about you. When they don’t like you, they will talk about you too.

This question is an opportunity to gain important insights on what your customers might be saying about you.
If they are willing to recommend you to their friends and family, you are on the right track.

How did you find us?

This information will let your marketing department know which areas to focus their efforts on.

This question can remove the guesswork between what is working and what is not for marketing.

What questions are you currently asking your customers in your questionnaire?

Do you have a customer feedback form? Let us know in the comments below.