Want To Improve HR? Crowdsource Your Solution

Outside consultants exist for every area of business, and HR is in no way immune. While we won’t argue with the knowledge and expertise many of these consultants bring to the table, there are some things they simply can’t tell you…but your employees can.

For improvements to your HR policies and operations that encourage a happier, more productive workforce with a higher rate of retention, turn to your team!

Crowdsourced Innovation Decrease Costs & Increases Efficiency

Studies have shown that not only does an internal workforce often have the best ideas when it comes to reshaping specific policies and designing work environments, but that implementing their ideas can save a company tons of cash.

Companies with “world-class HR” saw per-employee spend slashed by more than a quarter, total labor spend cut by nearly a third, and enjoyed 61% fewer voluntary terminations than their less-classy counterparts – Richard M. Vosburgh; Head of HR at Mirage Resorts

Acquire Knowledge & Solutions By Obtaining The Wisdom Of The Crowd

According to Dave Ulrich’s model for modern human resources practices, there are no fewer than sixteen points of accountability for the modern HR department, ranging from creating and sustaining the culture and image of the company to determining appropriate compensation to external compliance and internal training and development.

A lot of people coming together to create great ideas, is better than one to make all the rules

There are a lot of decisions that HR needs to make—decisions that impact a company’s strategy and its ability to carry that strategy out.

Making those decisions requires collecting enough on-the-ground data, and seeking out an effective understanding of current realities by the people who live with those realities day-to-day.

Your employees, in other words.

If your HR department is still a one-way, top-down department that tries to exert control rather than providing guidance, it is guaranteed to falter with at least a few of its sixteen responsibilities.

There’s simply no way a strictly hierarchical structure can support the knowledge flow necessary to remain an active and dynamic organization; HR departments/personnel need to be responsive to both corporate and employee needs and concerns, and that means actively encouraging input on all fronts.

And that requires a bit of planning and a touch of extra effort.

Getting the right input and insights from your team isn’t quite as simple as putting a suggestion box next to the coffee machine—it’s both too passive and too open ended.

You need to provide guidance even as you seek input, getting answers to the problems you’ve identified while keeping your finger on the company pulse to identify other possible improvements for the future.

How To Find HR Solutions Faster

Once you’ve identified a specific area of HR concern—something as concrete as benefits packages or as abstract as encouraging diversity—you can start to crowdsource solutions by asking team members to submit their thoughts on how to make improvements.

Take a handful of the most viable solutions, and use an intuitive, accessible, and anonymous platform to float those options around the office.

When employees are able to ponder several potential solutions, rank them relative to each other, and provide their own feedback, they’ll feel a greater sense of ownership when a program is eventually selected and put in place.

Creating that sense of ownership is a big step towards a world-class HR department.

In addition, you’ll get targeted information based on the needs or gaps you’ve already identified, and you’ll be able to see which avenues of advancement are most likely to be eagerly adopted by your workforce.

You’ll be able to make better decisions for your team and your company—decisions that turn into actions faster and more efficiently, and with greater effect.

You can crowdsource the problem-identification steps, too, for even greater accuracy in delivering an HR experience that will keep things running smoothly. Use a voting algorithm to rank workplace issues, determining what is having a real impact on employee satisfaction and drive.

The right focus will yield faster and more lasting results, and can build momentum for a cultural shift that gives everyone a sense of ownership for atmosphere and results.

Crowdsource The Solutions To Your HR Woes!

This is just the beginning of how internal crowdsourcing can transform your company and its culture into a talent-retaining, innovation-leading, industry-topping contender. Let us know of your current decision-making process in the comments below!